Todd wilkens sx16
Keynote Speaker

Todd Wilkens

Head of WooCommerce, Automattic

Todd Wilkens has a hard time coloring within the lines. He's been a designer, a social scientist, an entrepreneur, and a teacher.

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Leah buley sx16
Keynote Speaker

Leah Buley

Design Consultant and Advisor, Leah Buley Co.

Leah Buley is the author of the book The User Experience Team of One and an independent design consultant and advisor.

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Adam dole sx16
Keynote Speaker

Adam Dole

Lead Strategist, GoKart Labs

Adam Dole is based in Los Angeles where he leads GoKart Labs' west coast operations by expanding client work and developing new strategic initiatives.

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Marc stickdorn sx16

Marc Stickdorn

Co-Founder & CEO, Smaply and ExperienceFellow

Marc co-founded two startups in the field of service design: Smaply, an online software for design tools, and ExperienceFellow, a design research software for mobile ethnography.

Kristin hughes ux 2014 final

Kristin Hughes

Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Kristin Hughes is a designer and educator whose innovative work in at-risk communities exemplifies the benefit of fusing design with community engagement to address complex social problems.

Scott chesrown sx16

Scott Chesrown

Chief Revenue Officer, VROOM

Scott Chesrown is the CRO and one of the founding members of Vroom, the leading online car retailer in the US

Rhiannon zivin sx16

Rhiannon Zivin

Sr. Manager, CX, Grubhub

Rhiannon Zivin joined Grubhub in 2011 as its first UX researcher.

Anna shaw sx16

Anna Shaw

VP of Design, Knit Health

Anna loves making experiences delightful for people. As VP of Design at Knit Health, she is driving the brand and experience of a new tech service that is empowering parents to seamlessly care for their child's growth and wellness

Liya james sx16

Liya James

Founder & CEO, The Next Lab

Liya is Founder and CEO of The Next Lab. Prior to that, she launched and ran Idean's Austin Design Studio

Sonia koesterer sx16

Sonia Koesterer

Principal Designer, Collective Health

Sonia is a designer, strategist, researcher and wrangler of complex, knotty problems.

Gordon hui sx16

Gordon Hui

VP of Strategy, Smart Design

As VP of Strategy and Head of Smart Design’s Financial Services practice, Gordon collaborates with growth-minded leaders to create meaningful new experiences by integrating human-centered design, startup, and sprint-based techniques

Izac ross sx16

Izac Ross

Senior Designer, Collective Health

Izac specializes in weaving together methods from interaction design, service management, business strategy and design research to solve problems that go beyond a single device, channel or medium.

Charu juneja sx16

Charu Juneja

Design Director, Design Institute for Health

Charu Juneja is a Design Director at the Design Institute for Health (DIH), a collaboration between the Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

Jamie nicholson sx16

Jamie Nicholson

Senior Strategist, Smart Design

Jamie is a Senior Design Strategist at Smart Design. With 6 years of experience, his expertise lies in balancing consumer and organizational needs to deliver compelling design strategy that can be implemented and brought to market.

Kendra primarytc

Kendra Shimmell

Head of Service Design, Capital One

Kendra is Head of Service Design for Adaptive Path at Capital One. Prior to that, she was Managing Director at Cooper, an award-winning design and business strategy consultancy.

Ruth schmidt sx16

Ruth Schmidt

Innovation Program Lead, Doblin / Deloitte Digital

Ruth Schmidt is an Innovation Program Lead at Doblin, where she leads teams in applying design methods to solve complex user-centered innovation challenges for a variety of clients.

Yisel ramos sx16

Yisel Maryse Ramos

Service Design and Customer Experience Internal Practice Lead, Booz Allen Hamilton

Yisel established the in-house service design and customer experience practice at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Dan saffer sx16

Dan Saffer

Author, Microinteractions

For 20 years, Dan Saffer has been designing everything from websites to apps to wearables and everything in between.

Phil robinson sx16

Phil Robinson

Associate Director, Jet

Phil Robinson is an Associate Director at Jet where he is introducing design thinking and strategy to one of the world's fastest growing startups.

Cheryn flanagan sx16

Cheryn Flanagan

Customer Experience Practice Lead; Managing Creative Director, Sequence

Cheryn has worked as a package designer, environmental designer, visual interface designer, and interaction designer, and she has a range of experiences that makes her present focus on service design uniquely well-rounded.

Monica weiller

Monica Weiler, Ph.D.

Design Research Director, Stratos Innovation Group

Monica is a co-founder and design research director at Stratos Innovation Group, a U.S. based design strategy firm

Anthony weiler sx16

Anthony Weiler

Design Strategist, Stratos Innovation Group

Anthony is co-founder and Design Strategist at Stratos Innovation Group in Columbus, Ohio.

Linn vizard sx16

Linn Vizard

Senior Associate, Service Design, Bridgeable & Service Design Toronto

Linn is one of Canada’s leading advocates of service design. She is a designer based in Toronto, at Bridgeable, and is the co-founder and organizer of Service Design Toronto.

Jamin sx16

Jamin Hegeman

Head of Design, Financial Services, Capital One

Jamin Hegeman is Head of Design for Financial Services at Capital One, where he leads design teams across multiple business units to support end-to-end service experiences and transform business operations to be more design centric.