Jamie nicholson sx16

Jamie is a Senior Design Strategist at Smart Design. With 6 years of experience, his expertise lies in balancing consumer and organizational needs to deliver compelling design strategy that can be implemented and brought to market. In his role, Jamie delivers value to clients through uncovering new business opportunities that address a core consumer need and help build strategies to successfully launch these new ventures.

He has worked extensively in the healthcare sector on a range of projects focused on delivering more holistic patient-centered services, and has contributed to publications including Healthcare Informatics and Fast Company. In addition, Jamie is passionate about helping clients enter new categories and stretch their capabilities to deliver new offerings.

Jamie is actively engaged in the local design community and has hosted and spoken at a range of events. Recently, he moderated a panel of leading healthcare experts in collaboration with the Service Design Network entitled: “A new era in healthcare – designing new services for the informed patient.” Jamie holds an undergraduate masters degree in product design engineering from the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow.

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