Monica weiller

Monica Weiler, Ph.D. // Solving Complex Problems with Customized Co-Design Tools // Service Experience Conference 2016 – Monica Weiler, Ph.D.

As services grow in complexity and wicked problems surface, co-creation and participatory design approaches have emerged as powerful ways to tackle design challenges. There are standard co-creation tools out there but because the problems you’re tackling are unique, creating customized tools will set you up to get the best results.

In this talk, you’ll see examples of methods used to tackle service industry challenges- the successes, failures and how methods might be improved for the future. You’ll hear how using unique participatory toolkits helped align and inspire new solutions. Most of all, you’ll be inspired. You can create your own customized co-design tools.

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Marc Stickdorn // Service Design and Startups: This Lean Agile Design Thingything // Service Experience Conference 2016

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Marc Stickdorn

Marc shares his story how their book This is Service Design Thinking lead to a software they used for their own service design projects and their consulting. Due to demand of their clients, “Smaply” became their first software startup in 2012, quickly followed by their second venture “ExperienceFellow” in 2013.

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Todd Wilkens // Sacrificing Service Design for the Greater Good // Service Experience Conference 2016

Todd wilkens ibm 2014
Todd Wilkens

Creating value is not something that designers do alone — it’s something that whole organizations do. Service Design only succeeds when the whole organization adopts its practices.

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Ian Arthurs // Service Marketplace Evolution ... and the Trough of Despair // Service Experience Conference 2015

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Ian Arthurs

TaskRabbit tests and iterates relentlessly to find product/market fit; the only constant over the past 7 years has been change. The two-sided services marketplace was the first of its kind and helped define what has become known as the sharing economy.

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Katie Koch // Putting Service Design Into Practice // Service Experience Conference 2015

How do you practice service design when you don’t have the budget, time, or scope to impact the entire service? On my design team at American Express we’ve found crafty ways to get service design into every project – no matter how big or small. We’ve integrated service design tools into our UX process, and regularly use them to demonstrate how service design thinking contributes to getting a great product into a user’s hands.

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Charu Juneja // Designing a Model City of Health in Austin // Service Experience Conference 2016

Charu juneja sx16
Charu Juneja

Charu Juneja is a Director of Business and Behavioral Design at the Design Institute for Health (DIH), a collaboration between the new Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. It is a first-of-its-kind institution, dedicated to applying design approaches to solving systemic health care challenges as an integrated part of a medical education and training program.

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Kristin Hughes // Designing Synchronous Health Services // Service Experience Conference 2016

Kristin hughes ux 2014 final
Kristin Hughes

Designing Synchronous Health Services: Gaining Consensus and Understanding For Sustainable Living Kristin Hughes, designer and educator, works with members of at-risk communities to address complex social problems. Since no one discipline holds the ultimate solution for such problems, Kristin honed a community-engagement model of design during her 15 years of practice.

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Cheryn Flanagan // Building Service Experience Into Your Organization: It’s a Journey // Service Experience Conference 2016

Cheryn flanagan sx16
Cheryn Flanagan

More than ever, business leaders recognize that customer expectations are changing and that the way to differentiate from the competition is not through their product or service, but through the experience delivered across all interactions with their brand. Enter service design.

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Adam Dole // "The Hardest Thing About Hard Things": Scaling Human Services // Service Experience Conference 2016

Adam dole sx16
Adam Dole

The major impact of digital technologies has been to create exponential value. However, the use of software to deliver and scale human powered services, such as healthcare, has not been achieved and faces a number of critical challenges.

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Jeremy Canfield // Call It What You Will: Service Design in the Federal Government // Service Experience Conference 2015

Jeremy canfielsx15
Jeremy Canfield

Across the federal government, a group of organizations has sprung up to help improve many aspects of the interaction between the citizens and the state, with initiatives touching everything from the immigration system, to the way businesses comply with labor laws, to the way veterans apply for benefits, just to name a few. Amongst this movement of designers, developers, product managers and policy specialists, few think of themselves as service designers, and fewer in federal agencies seek them out.

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Jamin Hegeman + Patrick Quattlebaum // Let’s Talk About SX! // Service Experience Conference 2015

Pq sx 2014
Patrick Quattlebaum

"If you would ask ten people what service design is, you would end up with eleven different answers––at least. " —Marc Stickdorn Service Design is a dynamic field being pulled forward by practitioners and leaders willing to experiment and take risks to meet their organizations' challenges.

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Marc Hébert // Spreading Service Design // Service Experience Conference 2015

Marc h%c3%a9bert sx15
Marc Hébert

Are you struggling to spread service design in an organization? Is there confusion over what you’re doing, how it’s done and why it matters? Do you feel pressure to make quick wins before whatever mojo allowing you to champion this experiment dries up? Many of us have experienced the same or are going through it now. This talk is a collection of strategies, tools, and lessons learned to spread service design in organizations with communication silos, micro-cultures and competing narratives for what is causing these and other problems.

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Shelley Evenson // Keynote: Inside Out | Outside In // Service Experience Conference 2015

Shelley evenson sx15
Shelley Evenson

Liquid expectations (where everything competes with everything, and people’s expectations transcend expected boundaries) are fundamentally changing the underpinnings of business as we know it. It used to be sufficient to outsource design and innovation, but today integrating service design and innovation into the organization is increasingly becoming the only way to respond.

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Linn Vizard // There’s a Map For That! The Designer’s Cartography of Complexity // Service Experience Conference 2016

Linn vizard sx16
Linn Vizard

Why are service designers making so many maps these days? Customer journey maps, empathy maps, experience maps and strategy roadmaps… We make maps to draw insight, catalyze ideas, to get on the same page, and as tools for understanding complex experiences and processes. At the service layer, we are using maps to drive decisions that impact end users as well as those who deliver services.

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Lynn Stott // Bushwhacking to the Gold: Experience & the Human-Centered Enterprise // Service Experience Conference 2015

Lynn stott sx16
Lynn Stott

As service experience practitioners, we already operate beyond the bounds of single touch points or screen interfaces. We see, on the horizon, a set of ecosystem possibilities — ways to piece together the layers of systems, processes, functions and interfaces that must work in harmony to deliver both products and the end-to-end experience journey.

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Brian Gillespie // All or Nothing and Everything in Between! // Service Experience Conference 2015

Brian gillespie sx15
Brian Gillespie

Building service design capabilities, in-house, requires companies to develop a human-centric approach to the development of business. It also requires the ability to connect that customer perspective to the internal operations that will design, develop, and deliver the business manifestations of the customer experience.

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Phi-Hong Ha // Doberman and DoITT: A Case Study in Creating Cultural Change // Service Experience Conference 2015

Phi hong ha sx15
Phi-Hong Ha

DoITT, an agency within the New York City government, is responsible for providing IT services, infrastructure and telecommunications for the people of the city. Doberman worked with DoITT to develop their capability for human-centric innovation that would be key to their success in identifying and delivering new valuable services.

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Leah Buley // The Future of Service Design // Service Experience Conference 2016

Leah buley ux15
Leah Buley

The conventional wisdom is that digital is the future of everything—even the future of service design. Service design professionals increasingly report that digital is the primary channel they’re working in.

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Phil Robinson // Being Scrappy: Service Design Meet Rapid Growth // Service Experience Conference 2016

Phil robinson sx16
Phil Robinson

Jet. com is an eCommerce company growing at an unprecedented rate.

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Liya James // How Experience Designers Turn Setbacks into Triumphs // Service Experience Conference 2016

Liya james sx16
Liya James

Setbacks happen often when launching new experiences. While embracing failure is a popular concept in tech culture today, the reality is that it can be difficult for teams to recover.

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Rhiannon Zivin // When UX Research Wasn't Enough // Service Experience Conference 2016

Rhiannon zivin sx16
Rhiannon Zivin

This talk highlights the evolution of the research function at Grubhub, from the days of a small and scrappy startup to the public company you know today. When getting a business off the ground, research is typically directed towards iterative product improvement.

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Ruth Schmidt // The Power of Positive Friction // Service Experience Conference2016

Ruth schmidt sx16
Ruth Schmidt

While behavioral economics applied to user-centered design is already increasingly seen as a valuable lens for developing solutions for consumers, the same lens turned internally—that is, on employees as end users—recognizes that the same behavioral tendencies and cognitive biases that inform our actions and decisions outside of work are also in full force from 9 to 5. This can be especially important when organizations face the balancing act between efficiency and effectiveness, where frictionless speed is sometimes emphasized (and rewarded) at the expense of the latter.

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Scott Chesrown // A Balanced Entry // Service Experience Conference 2016

Scott chesrown sx16
Scott Chesrown

E-commerce in the automotive industry is virtually non-existent. It is perhaps the last large-scale industry to truly embrace a completely online shopping and buying experience.

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Dan Saffer // The Robots are Coming (to Services) // Service Experience Conference 2016

Dan saffer sx16
Dan Saffer

The next wave of technology is about to come crashing down on us, and surfing that wave are robots of all kinds, from household companions to industrial robots to self-driving vehicles and drones. These robots (who are themselves a kind of service) will infiltrate all manner of services, from taking on front-of-house duties to assembling and delivering goods.

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Yisel Maryse Ramos // Looking Within: Applying Service Design Internally // Service Experience Conference 2016

Yisel ramos sx16
Yisel Maryse Ramos

You often hear that doctors make the worst patients; same applies to consulting firms. Starting an internal service design offering at Booz Allen Hamilton is the utmost exercise of service design.

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Mark Jones // Buy It or Grow It // Service Experience Conference 2015

Mark jones sx15
Mark Jones

Great services can be designed by employing outside Service Design consultancies or by designing them with internal teams of Service Designers. Mark has survived both.

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Steve Fox // Conceiving Urban Putt: Adventures in Experiential Retail // Service Experience Conference 2015

Steve fox sx15
Steve Fox

When I quit my day job in 2012 to create a miniature golf course/restaurant/bar in San Francisco, I never anticipated that our little hybrid would be leading the charge into the brave new world of “experiential retail. ” Now 17 months old, Urban Putt is an unqualified success, appealing to a surprising mix of millennials, corporate party-goers, and families.

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Birgit Mager // Emerging Issues and the Future of Service Design // Service Experience Conference 2015

Birgit mager sx15
Birgit Mager

Service design and designing for service experience is both young and yet already quite a mature field that holds much potential and opportunity. During her 20 years as a professor and researcher in service design, Birgit Mager has had the opportunity to see the field grow and help create the trends that are shaping service design today.

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Megan Miller // A Journey to Service Design // Service Experience Conference 2015

Megan miller uxweek16
Megan Miller

One year ago I set out on a path to become a service designer. In my journey from pixels to product to service, I have developed a deeper understanding of what it means to be a designer, and what I carry with me as I transition into the landscape of business and leadership.

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Wyatt Starosta // Exposing the Hidden Choreography of Restaurant Hospitality // Service Experience Conference 2015

Wyatt starosta sx15
Wyatt Starosta

I work at OpenTable, the worlds largest provider of online restaurant reservations. You may have used our app to book a table at a fancy restaurant, or maybe you’ve worked at one of those restaurants and used our software.

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Dana Cho // A Human-Centered Take on Service Innovation // Service Experience Conference 2015

Dana cho sx15
Dana Cho

Technology has had a huge impact on what is achievable for service innovation and the customer experience. From the recent past to the emerging present, I will map key trends, shifts and examples in service innovation to point to what matters from a customer's perspective.

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Molly Ackerman-Brimberg // Spec'ing New Staff Roles for Innovative Services // Service Experience Conference 2015

Molly sx15
Molly Ackerman-Brimberg

If you ask shipping customers the difference between FedEx and UPS, it often boils down to their experiences with their couriers, the service people in the frontline. Increasingly, "people" have been the differentiator in innovative service delivery - whether that’s the 30+ Geniuses at each Apple Store, the comedic and patient Zappos agent, the J.

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Francisco Guzman // On the Other Side of the Line: Designing with Shoppers in Mind // Service Experience Conference 2015

Francisco guzman sx15
Francisco Guzman

With Instacart, customers can get groceries delivered from their favorite local stores in as little as an hour. Behind the scenes, Instacart is powered by an amazing community of personal shoppers whose personal touch is important to our service.