Day 2 – Nov 04, 2016
Morning 8:30 - 12:00 PM

  • Designing to Launch: The Science of Using Diverse Experiments for Getting Experience Ideas into Market

    Despite substantial investments in service innovation, corporate success rates in delivering innovative experiences are often mediocre at best. view more…

    Location: Cyril Magnin II/III
    Gordon Hui, Smart Design VP of Strategy
    Jamie Nicholson, Smart Design Senior Strategist
  • Devour Big Problems One Bite at a Time

    We all want to fix big problems and create the perfect service, but spending months designing out the ideal journey means nothing if your vision can’t be built or operationalized. view more…

    Location: Mission I
    Sonia Koesterer, Collective Health Principal Designer
    Izac Ross, Collective Health Senior Designer
  • Facilitating Cultural Shifts To Deliver Great Services

    As designers work with partners in their organizations to re-imagine experiences, facilitation is an important skill to making change happen. view more…

    Location: Mission II/III
    Liya James, The Next Lab Founder & CEO
  • How to Become a Co-creation Toolmaker

    The problems you need to solve are unique and complex. view more…

    Location: Fillmore
    Anthony Weiler, Stratos Innovation Group Design Strategist
    Monica Weiler, Ph.D., Stratos Innovation Group Design Research Director
  • Service Experience Games: Design them. Play them.

    Here’s a little secret: your customer knows your business really well. view more…

    Location: Cyril Magnin I
    Kendra Shimmell, Capital One Head of Service Design