Despite substantial investments in service innovation, corporate success rates in delivering innovative experiences are often mediocre at best. According to research by PwC and McKinsey, 75% of corporate innovation projects fail and 94% of managers are dissatisfied with their company’s innovation performance. As a result, companies come up with ideas easily, but very few experiences actually get to market and improve people’s lives (and net promoter scores).

In this session, we will explore techniques that elevate a key part of service design: actually launching the service.  By understanding the benefits of a “Design-to-Launch” approach, participants will gain new perspectives about the service design process and learn new tools that answer:

- What are the 5 biggest challenges to corporate experience innovation?
- What type of information needs to complement my service blueprint to make the ideal a reality?
- What is the most appropriate combination of prototypes and experiments for what I need to learn?
- What is the best way to scale a service opportunity from concept to launch?