We all want to fix big problems and create the perfect service, but spending months designing out the ideal journey means nothing if your vision can’t be built or operationalized. The truth is that your “happy path” intersects with 100s of crappy ones, and the only way to know which path you’re on is to get something out into the world and learn from it. By breaking down complex problems, and trying out solutions at a small scale, you can build things that won’t fall apart at scale.

In order to roll out new service solutions, we build out the minimal amount of technology and operational infrastructure needed to make it work, then run a pilot with a small subset of our users and see if it meets their needs. To accomplish this, design needs to collaborate closely with product, engineering and operations to digest big problems one tiny bite at a time. 

Whether you’re tasked with creating new services from a design, engineering, product or operations standpoint, this interactive workshop will help you balance the needs of your users with your technology and operational capabilities. You’ll learn how to use people to stand in for technology and vice-versa, how to have the right conversations to make the necessary trade-offs, and how to learn as you make by building and launching pilot services.