The problems you need to solve are unique and complex. Your approach to solving them should be tailor-made to achieve successful outcomes. But how do you go about creating that customized approach? Using participatory design methods can help you understand, create and adapt services with stakeholders. Incorporating customized co-creation activities into your sessions will help stakeholders solve problems together.

While facilitating co-creation can be rewarding, the challenge is to provide just the right amount of structure and guidance to allow participants to explore and ideate- while getting the results you need. Creating the right customized toolkit can provide direction that your co-creators can use to express their unmet needs, hopes and dreams for the future.

You may have seen the power and potential of customized co-creation toolkits. This is your opportunity to learn to build them yourself! In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn toolkit building principles and create a custom toolkit for a service scenario. You will then use the toolkits to understand stakeholders’ needs. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of facilitating a “make” method co-creation session and experience how building custom toolkits can provide unique insights for service industry challenges.